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Crash Bandicoot / Shout Out

Crash: Mind Over Mutant continues this trend, with references to Dragon Ball Z, Michael Jackson, LOLCats, 300, G.I. Joe, South Park, Street Fighter, and many others.; The earlier games in the series tend to have shout outs in some of the level titles. Examples include "Tomb Wader" "Sphynxinator", "Weathering Heights", "Orange Asphalt '''' and "Smokey and the Bandicoot".

Crash & Bernstein / Shout Out

This is a shout-out to a Have A Nice Day segment on All That where Leroy tries to send Fuzz away in a "puppet bath", which is really a toilet. From Episode 1: Crash tries to send Amanda away in a crate marked "Duabi". note. A running gag in Garfield And Friends is Garfield trying to send Nermal away to Ahu Duabi. From Episode 2:

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Crush Crush / Shout Out

In an Awkward Besties Flirt, Eva will tell you that she''s met Cassie, and that she reminds her of a colleague of hers, and would make an excellent pilot. She''s referring, of course, to the Queen of all Tsunderes, Asuka Langley Soryuu: Eva: I met your friend Cassie. She reminds me of a colleague of mine.

Crush Crush / YMMV

YMMV /. Crush Crush. Anticlimax Boss: After the weeks of grinding required to finally clear Karma and Sutra, the requirements to clear Dark One and Q-Pernikiss aren''t that bad. Justified as Karma and Sutra state their goal is to train Marshmallow in channeling his full ''power'' so when you''re done with them, it''s natural that you can bulldoze ...

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2022-6-23 · Sawyer is a phone fling and volleyball player who contacts you after she sees a fake account for you that was set up by Pamu. She is unlocked after you encounter Pamu. Sawyer was chosen as winner of Vote-a-Fling Season 3 and as of March 17th has been turned into a fully Date-able . Sawyer is the 5th datable Phone Fling in the game and is the …

Crash Course / Shout Out

The CC Games episode on PC gaming opens with Andrew giving a shout out to the "PC master race"—a term coined back in 2008 by Zero Punctuation. Episode 15 of Psychology has a Super Mario Bros. reference in the form of a chibi Hank hitting Brick Blocks and getting an Anglerfish suit as a powerup from an invisible block.

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